Inspiring Beauty at Home.

Designing and decorating is my passion and what drives me. The home is where memories are made, kids are raised, and rest is found after a long day. It's our place where we welcome guests and we should feel like ourself and our best!

In life, one of my desires is to help make the home a more beautiful place...that it would be a place of love, comfort, peace and happiness. 

Feeling good when I walk into my home is important to me! I want my guests to feel at ease and comfortable when they come over. Hosting people, parties and events have always been something my husband & I enjoy! I believe setting an atmosphere and temperature of your home is important. There are many ways to do that but how you decorate your home plays a big part in how you feel about it as well as others!

That’s why I started Curtis Creation. It’s an opportunity to inspire others to create beautiful spaces.


Beyond Home Decor.

My name is Becky Curtis. I am the mother of two amazing children, who light up the room everywhere they go (except for when they’re fighting with each other over who got the toy first!) They are full of energy and keep this mom on her toes! I was one of the lucky girls that got to marry her best friend, and have been happily married for the past 11 years. My husband can be the biggest goofball sometimes and thats one reason I love him! We make a great team in life!
When I’m not a full-time mom, wife, or running Curtis Creation, my husband and I volunteer our time at our church with the marriage ministry. We firmly believe if we can strengthen marriages and give them a solid, biblical foundation it will in turn strengthen the family and home life and help people raise godly children. This is where we can impact our society the most, at home. And this is how we inspire beauty at home beyond home decor.